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 antenatal treatment in Ahmedabad

Importance of Antenatal Treatment

Antenatal treatment is a guided support provided to a woman during her pregnancy. It is a type of antenatal or maternity care you get from a health professional such as an obstetrician or a gynecologist. During an antenatal treatment, your health professional will conduct a regular checkup and inform you about any risk you or your baby might have.

Chhaya Women’s Hospital ensures to give the best possible care to our patients. With 24/7 availability for our patients it shows how committed we are and aim to be the best. Along with anc treatment, we provide services relating to antenatal treatments, post-pregnancy care, and sonography sessions in 3D, 4D, and 5D formats. Our well-equipped infrastructure and highly experienced staff aim to perform successful vaginal and cesarean deliveries. Our health experts maintain confidentiality about every piece of information about the patient’s pregnancy. 

What happens in an antenatal treatment?

During an antenatal treatment-

  • You are required to go through multiple scans, tests, and health checkups. 
  • Identifies any health risks involved relating to your pregnancy.
  • Anc treatment makes sure to check your blood pressure and weight during your pregnancy. 
  • An antenatal treatment is carried out to measure your baby’s growth and listen to baby’s heartbeats. 
  • A few blood tests are done at your first visit and repeated as and when needed.
  • Most importantly, antenatal treatment ensures that your mental health is fine. 

Why is anc treatment important?

During pregnancy, it is necessary to seek  antenatal treatment as it helps in the appropriate monitoring of baby’s health. Antenatal treatment is associated with many factors like-

1. Screening- it is important to get a screening done during your second trimester or earlier to know the health condition of your baby. A screening test checks the blood pressure flow and informs the mother if any risk is involved.

2. Track on baby’s health- your doctor keeps track of the development of the baby and also suggests ultrasound to check the baby’s height, weight, and health of the fetus.

3. Health education- During your antenatal treatment, the doctor gives advice and recommends some activities to do. The doctor informs about the importance of certain things like breastfeeding, motherhood, post-partum depression, post-pregnancy antenatal care, etc.

However, if you are pregnant and looking to get the best antenatal treatment, consult our qualified doctors at Chhaya Women’s Hospital in Ahmedabad.


1. What is an antenatal treatment?

Antenatal treatment is the care provided to a woman during her pregnancy. It helps the pregnant woman to know about her baby’s health and how to take care of herself during pregnancy.

2. Why is ANC treatment important?

It is important to get an  anc treatment  done as it keeps track of the baby’s health, provides screening and ultrasound services, and educates the woman about her post-pregnancy situation.

3. How to book an appointment for antenatal care?

To get the best antenatal treatment done in Ahmedabad, book an appointment via our official website of Chhaya Women’s Hospital.