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vaginal deliveries

Why is vaginal deliveries?

  • The term normal delivery is often replaced with vaginal birth. It is a natural way of bringing the baby to the world without any medical intervention.
    Each pregnant female who is going to be the mother for the first time (Primi gravida) should be given a chance for normal delivery.
  • Thick blood stained mucus discharge
  • Uterine contractions
  • Backache radiating to lower abdomen and thighs
  • Increase frequency of urination
  • Water break due to rupture of amniotic sac

Advantages of Normal delivery

  • Quicker recovery and lesser hospital stay
  • Strong immunity to the baby as it passes through the birth canal it receives certain bacteria which strengthens the immune system.
    Normal delivery stimulates lactation because the birthing process activates numerous natural mothering hormones. Lesser complication rate as associated with C section. Bleeding is less than in C section. Reduced respiratory problems of the baby.