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growth scan in ahmedabad

growth scan

Why get a Growth Scan?

  • A Growth Scan is important to confirm the normal development of the foetus inside the womb.
  • Check if the baby is healthy by monitoring the baby’s movement, breathing, and stretching
  • Learn the position and weight of the baby
  • Determine the amount of amniotic fluid present
  • Check the position and maturity of the placenta
  • Check the position of umbilical cord
  • Check the circulation
  • Learn how a previous caesarean scar looks
  • Monitor a twin pregnancy

When is the growth scan done?

  • The growth scan is done in the last trimester of pregnancy, anytime between 28 and 40 weeks of gestation. Your doctor may offer two scans
  • First one is at around 28–32 weeks to ensure the normal growth of the baby.
    The second one may be done closer to the due date along with colour Doppler studies, between 36–40 weeks to examine the baby’s position and decide on the type of delivery.