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IUI Specialist & Treatment in Ahmedabad

Who is an ideal candidate for IUI?

  • IUI offers a chance to men with low sperm count or low sperm motility to give their sperm a head start by inserting it right in the fallopian tube.
    IUI method is beneficial for women who have severe cervical mucus hostility. This condition rejects the survival of sperm before attaching the egg.
  • Women who have a good quality egg reserve and healthy fallopian tubes are ideal candidates for IUI treatment. Here, we can get high-quality sperm samples from a donor or your male partner.
  • IUI is beneficial for patients who have difficulty in vaginal intercourse due to physical disability or psychosexual problem.
  • IUI is also utilized when there is a need of using donor sperm due to severe male infertility or absence of sperms.
  • It is also recommended in other causes like cervical infections and endometriosis in female partner.

How much does the IUI Cost in Ahmedabad?

  • The IUI treatment cost at Nisha IVF centre in Ahmedabad is much affordable compared to other fertility treatments like IVF, and ICSI. The cost of any fertility treatment mainly depends upon the complexity and need of the couple’s infertility case.
  • Send us your details and we will connect with you to discuss your case and find out the best suitable cost.