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Ectopic pregnancy

What Is Ectopic Pregnancy?

  • In normal condition implantation of embryo occurs inside the uterine cavity near the fundal area. When pregnancy is located outside the uterus its called Ectopic Pregnancy. Most common site is Fallopian tubes. However it can be found in the cornua area, cervix, ovary, previous scar site or abdomen.
  • After you miss your menstrual period date, a urine pregnancy test should be done always and if it’s coming positive regardless of the fact whether you want to continue or discontinue the pregnancy, you should meet your Gynec personally to rule out if the pregnancy is located intrauterine or extrauterine.
  • Taking over the counter abortion/MTP pill is of grave danger without knowing the exact site of pegnany.

Why Ectopic Pregnancy develops?

  • Pelvic Inflammatory disease
  • Factors which reduces tubal motility like previous surgery on tubes
  • Hormonal imbalance